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World’s worst grandson steals grandmother’s wheelchair and money

By Mason White 10:05 AM May 14, 2013
Richard Fleener II 

By: Moses Gold
A man was arrested after stealing his grandmother’s wheelchair amongst other items.

Police in South Carolina said they have arrested a man, who is accused of stealing items from his grandmother, which included money and her electric wheelchair.

43-year-old Richard Fleener II of Orangeburg was living with his grandmother before he robbed her of her valuables. Fleener was dubbed the world’s worst grandson after stealing his grandmother’s wheelchair.

Fleener had lived with his 78-year-old grandmother for three months, when he stole all the cash his grandmother had in her house, causing her to be unable to pay her bills, which resulted in her being without power for several days.

“He is the worst grandson I have ever seen. His grandmother opened her house to him and he repaid her by robbing her. He stole her electric wheelchair, which she so desperately needs to get around. He is not some young teenager who made an immature decisions, he is a 48-year-old grown man. That’s just cruel,” Kelly Woods, 49, of Orangeburg County, South Carolina told after Fleener’s arrest.

Investigators said Fleener stole his grandmother’s television, electric wheelchair, unit window air conditioner and her cash. Fleener was arrested and charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult.