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Farmers feed marijuana to pigs for great tasting meat

By Mason White 4:22 PM May 16, 2013
William Von Schneidau 

By: John roberts
(Scroll down for video) A farmer has announced that he is feeding his pigs drugs and alcohol to produce better tasting meat.

We have heard of pot brownies and pot cookies, but pot bacon and ham? Well, it is a new product that is coming to the market.

Butcher William Von Schneidau of Seattle, washington has partnered with Bucking Boar Farms at the Seattle’s Pike Place Market for this adventure.

Schneidau’s BB butcher shop, which is located in Pike Place Market in Seattle, is selling the special pot pig meat of pigs which were fed marijuana and alcohol. Washington voted to legalize marijuana last fall.

“The animal rights groups should investigate the effect the drugs and alcohol has on the pigs after they ingest it. Who knows? They might be suffering greatly. Anything that is illegal for a child to ingest should not be given to animals,” Gloria Gonzalez, 40, of Washington DC, who is an animal lover, told after hearing about the drug eating pigs.

The Bucking Boar Farms is feeding the pigs weed as part of their regular diet. The are being fed leaves from pot plants which allegedly makes their meat more tasty. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view