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Woman arrested after performing surgery on a cat

By Mason White 3:14 PM May 19, 2013
Ashley Guldager 

By: Shifra Unger
Police were called after a woman had performed surgery on a cat, and it died in the process.

Ashley Guldager, 21, of Oregon, was jailed Monday after police found a dead cat tied to a makeshift operating table surrounded by jumper cables, scissors, a knife and a damp sponge.

According to police, officers were dispatched to a residence in Milwaukee, after Guldager’s roommate came home to find a horrific scene in their downstairs bathroom. The woman apparently stole her neighbor’s cat and strapped it to the operating table, killing it.

Investigators said that the roommate entered her residence Monday to find her neighbors nine-year-old cat strapped to the makeshift operating table. The cat, named Mama Kitty, was found partially shaved and seemed to have been operated on, according to the arrest report. The neighbor told police that their cat had been missing for three days before it was found dead.

The animal was surrounded by a number of items including a 12 inch knife, a set of jumper cables, a razor, a pair of scissors and a damp sponge. A light was found hanging over the cat’s body, suspended by a bungee cord. A necropsy later determined that the animal died of asphyxiation.

Guldager is single, unemployed and had been living on a couch upstairs inside the residence during the past month. During interviews, Guldager said she was possessed and that Satan told her to kill the cat.

“She should be banned from ever having an animal in her care after she tortured and killed the cat,” Nicole Clark, 21, of San Diego, California told after hearing about the incident.

Guldager was booked into jail on charges of aggravated animal abuse and first-degree robbery of an animal. Her bail was set at $100,000.