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Priest caught on video performing oral sex on another man

By Mason White 6:01 PM May 21, 2013
Priest caught with another man  

By: Debbie Gross
A priest is in hot water after he was caught on video performing oral sex on another man, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The Spanish priest has been removed from office after a cyclist recorded him with another man in a wooded area.

Father Francisco Javier Ruiz was fired from his position as priest in the city of Churra, Murcia, in Spain. The Diocese of Cartagena reportedly announced that the priest has already been replaced by Antonio Ballester Serrano.

The scandal broke after video of cyclist Alejandro Mejias’s helmet camera showed two people in the act while he was cycling through the wooded area. The 30 second video clip, which was posted on YouTube, showed a man, who is allegedly the priest, performing oral sex on another man.

Mejias was biking along the trails through the wooded area of Murcia when he ran into the pair. Ruiz said it was not him in the video and contacted police to have the video destroyed. “I’ve never been to the area and do not recognize those images that you are describing,” he said.

“I would not jump to conclusions by such a short video clip which only shows the back of the man who is allegedly the priest. It could have been him and it might have been someone else, hopefully, someone will identify the second person in the video so the truth can be known,” Sean Oliver, 34, of Madrid, Spain, told after watching the video.

It was later confirmed that Father Ruiz is in the video performing oral sex.