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Club installs two-way mirrors in women’s bathroom to charge men to peek

By Mason White 2:19 PM May 23, 2013
Public bathroom mirrors 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A club found a new way of adding revenue by allowing men to peek into the women’s bathroom.

The Shimmy Club in Scotland has caused controversy after their bathroom antics were exposed.

The club installed two-way mirrors similar to those used by police when interviewing suspects, people on one side see a mirror while the other side is glass allowing people to look inside without being seen. The mirror in the Shimmy Club was placed between the bathroom sink and a room which is rented out for private parties or for people who want to see women in the bathroom area. The cost for the “privilege to spy” on the women is a whopping $1,200.

“Many close the door while in the bathroom, there are no urinals around, women apply their makeup or do their hair at the bathroom mirror. Who would shell out $1,200 to watch that? If a man wants to spy on his girlfriend while she is in the bathroom, a private investigator would be cheaper. This is a perverted idea,” Sophia Walker, 24, of London, England told after learning about the incident.

A spokesperson for Glasgow Licensing Board, said: “We have received complaints about this issue from local officials, and we are currently investigating.” The club apologized after the scandal broke, but many are not happy with the apology. The club did not talk about removing the mirror, instead they hope the publicity will bring more people.

On its facebook page, Shimmy Club wrote: “The Shimmy Club’s two-way mirror is a design feature created as a bit of fun, an interactive feature which we hoped would act as a talking point for people visiting The Shimmy.”

Scotland Police also confirmed they were investigating.