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Authorities send warning letter to toddler for laughing too loud at ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’

By Mason White 5:51 PM May 23, 2013
Jodie Holden with her son Chenlair Bent 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A mother was stunned when she received a warning letter addressed to her toddler.

Housing officials of Walsall, England have sent a warning letter to the 2-year-old boy, asking him to stop making noise which is disturbing the peace of the neighbors.

His 22-year-old mother, Jodie Holden, was shocked when she opened the letter of complaint addressed to her son, Chenlair Bent, accusing him of anti-social behavior. Miss Holden, who is a full-time mother, lives in a two family house. She said that the only time that her son makes noise is when he is laughing while watching his favorite television program, Thomas the Tank Engine.

The toddler, who is unable to read, received the letter stating: “Walsall Housing Group has received a complaint relating to noise nuisance and your property has been identified as the source of the noise. In this instance, we will not take any further action other than request that you and your family are mindful of others living nearby who wish to enjoy peace and quiet in their own home.”

“He’s just a typical 2-year-old child, and he does not run around causing chaos. The only time he makes noise is when he is laughing in the backyard while watching Thomas the Tank Engine on television,” Holden said.

“After I read the letter, I was sure they lived in an apartment building where kids sometimes run around in the hallway, but I see they live in a private two family house. Come on now, how can a neighbor complain about kids making a bit of noise? That’s what kids are supposed to do in their yard,” Gloria Cole, 52, of West Midlands, England told after learning about the warning letter sent to the toddler.

A spokesperson for the Walsall Housing Group said: “We have apologized for the error and we want to the say sorry again for any upset we caused.”