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South African women beat up two men after they raped girl with mental illness

By Mason White 7:56 PM May 25, 2013
The two suspects 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A group of women took the law into their own hand and beat up men who raped a girl.

The mob of angry women in Khayelitsha, South Africa beat up two men until police came to rescue them.

The two men, ages 27 and 29, were happy when they saw police, who came to take control of the angry women. Police rescued the men but immediately placed them in custody and charged them with raping a 15-year-old girl with mental illness.

A resident who found the 15-year-old girl, had seen the pair leaving an empty shack with the girl on Thursday, and suspected that she has been harmed. The resident informed the girl’s mother what he had seen. Suspecting that the girl had been raped, the family took the girl to a hospital where she was examined. A doctor confirmed that the girl had indeed been raped.

When the police did not arrest anyone until Friday, several women got together and began searching for the suspects, one of whom had previously been acquitted of raping a disabled 12-year-old girl. When they captured the suspects, the mother of the rape victim was given the honor to beat the men first. Soon, everyone joined in.
They beat the men until police arrived.

The mother of the girl, who is 42-years-old, said: “What hurts me most is the fact that I know these guys and they knew my daughter. I think that’s how they managed to take her to the shack.”

“This pervert should be locked up. Last time he got away with raping a mentally ill girl. Hopefully, this time, he will be punished.Raping anyone is wrong, but targeting mentally ill people who cannot defend themselves and cannot testify in the court as to what happened to them, is just terrible,” Kayla Erasmus, 42, of Pretoria, South Africa, told after the incident.

The two are to appear in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court. Residents said they will go to court to ask the Judge to deny them bail.