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Woman calls police after bugs ring her doorbell

By Mason White 9:38 AM June 2, 2013
Ants illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A woman called police after her doorbell kept on ringing for several nights and she was unable to see who was behind the ringing.

The woman of Offenburg, Germany, eventually found out that it was bugs that kept her up at night by ringing her doorbell.

The 75-year-old became so frustrated at not being able to identify the human culprit behind the bell ringing that she called police.

Police officers, who were puzzled by the situation, launched a thorough investigation, believing that the ringing is the effort of a joker. Eventually, police discovered that it was actually an ant nest that was causing the problem.

A colony of the insects had built a large nest inside the bell mechanism, which pushed the connecting elements together.
Police removed the bell and removed the nest. Now, the elderly woman is finally able to get some sleep.

This is not the strangest place where bugs were found. As we reported earlier, a woman who suffered from a severe itch inside her ear shocked doctors when it was discovered that a living spider was the reason behind her itch, according to reports in the news media.

Doctors in China performed a spiderectomy on the woman who had a spider living inside her ear for several days. Photos taken at the Central Hospital of Changsha show the creepy spider inside the ear before being removed.

The central Changsha woman was now understandably complaining to doctors about an itchy left ear, according to reports. Doctors determined that the spider was probably living in the ear canal of the woman for up to five days. They believe it got into her house as it was being renovated.

Doctors filled her ear with saline hoping it falls off without causing the spider to bite the woman or dig itself in deeper. The plan worked and the woman reportedly wept with gratitude.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view