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Man blows up his behind while cleaning pants with pressurized air machine

By Mason White 11:55 AM June 3, 2013
Pressurized air pump 

By: Moses Gold
A man was nearly killed while cleaning his pants with a pressurized air machine, according to hospital officials in China.

The man, who works in a factory in China, was cleaning his pants with an industrial strength air pump when a slip of the wrist sent air into his behind. Surprisingly, the 26-year-old survived to give a detailed account of his ordeal.

The man said that at first, he did not feel anything unusual, but then began to experience severe pain in his abdomen. Doctors said that the air shot through his colon, causing it to explode, and then the air blew up his abdominal cavity, putting pressure on his other organs.

Co-workers, who witnessed the incident, rushed the man to Sun Yat-sen University Sixth Hospital, where doctors ordered a CT scan. The analysis revealed that a large amount of air was trapped inside of him, and his condition was serious.

He was immediately sent to the operating room. When the doctor made the first incision he heard a pop, as the air trapped inside the man ran out. Then, doctors cleaned out the affected areas.

The man spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit, and currently remains in the hospital for observation.
When interviewed, doctors said that the man was very lucky to have survived.