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Police detain three goats after damaging police vehicle

By Mason White 5:05 AM June 4, 2013
The three goats 

By: Debbie Gross
Several goats were detained by police after they were accused of damaging a police vehicle, according to a statement released by police in India.

Three goats have been captured and detained by police officers.

The animals were seized and placed in a cage at the police station after Indian authorities became upset with their persistent vandalism.

The last straw came when the goats were accused of damaging a brand new police car.
“We have the vehicle for two days,” one of the police officers at the station said.

The official complaint said that 12 goats had attacked the police vehicle, causing it to dent, damage the windshield, the windows, and scratching the paint of the hood and body.

When additional police officers arrived to the scene to detain them they found only three of the goats. The owner of the goats was identified as 37-year-old Maria Arogynathan.
Authorities have charged Arogynathan with criminal negligence.

After being detained for some time at the police station, the animals were released to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA.