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Facebook billionaire slapped with $2.5 million fine after spending $10 million on wedding

By Mason White 12:08 PM June 4, 2013
Sean Parker with wife Alexandra Lenas 

By: John Roberts
A Facebook billionaire was slapped with a multi-million dollar fine after spending a huge amount on his wedding, trampling on local laws, according to a statement released by the State of California.

Sean Parker spent $10 million on the wedding of his dreams, but the State of California was not quite satisfied, as he was fined $2.5 million for it.

The problem was that he built a country house, fake ruins, waterfalls, stairs and a very large dance stage on an environmentally sensitive area near the iconic redwoods.

Although they got permission from the property owner, they did not obtain the necessary permits from the California Coastal Commission. The land, is in a sensitive coastal area regulated by the Commission.

Parker still proceeded with his dream wedding. When the Commission learned of the construction, they quickly negotiated a deal with Parker so his wedding plans could proceed. Parker married singer Alexandra Lenas Saturday.

In addition to the fee, Parker also promised to create a video or mobile applications to educate people on how to access coastal land properly.