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Taco Bell employee seen licking customer’s taco shells

By Mason White 12:17 PM June 5, 2013
Taco Bell employee licking taco shells 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) An employee for a popular fast food chain was caught licking customer food, according to images uploaded to the internet.

Taco Bell said in a statement that it believes a photo posted on a Facebook page showing an employee apparently licking taco shells was part of a joke, but it is conducting a full-scale investigation.

The photo shows a man in uniform inside a Taco Bell restaurant licking a stack of about 30 tacos.
A spokesperson for Taco Bell, owned by Yum! Brands, said the company is investigating who took the photo inside the store and will issue a full statement once the investigation is completed.

This was not the only embarrassing photo published recently, showing employees mishandling customer food.
As we reported earlier, if you wondered why your pizza pie came with little toppings, wonder no more.

A pizza delivery man has been caught on video eating toppings from a customer’s pizza pie, according to video uploaded to the internet.
The man was seen in an elevator, in St. Petersburg, Russia on his way to make the delivery.

In the video below, the worker is seen taking out the box of pizza from his bag, opening the box, eating toppings off the pizza and placing the pizza box back into his bag.
Video viewers have since identified the fast food company as 2 Beaches Pizza.

The store’s customer relations manager, Katerina Nechayeva, later published a comment in response to the video: “Greetings. We would like to comment on the situation at hand! We have already been made ​​aware of this video. For our company, this incident is unprecedented. A workplace investigation has been carried out. The delivery man in question has been found and punished to the fullest extent. Such employees will not be tolerated in our company.”

The employee has also revealed that the pizza pies will now come in sealed boxes.
The video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view