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Taco Bell fires employee caught licking taco shells

By Mason White 12:04 PM June 6, 2013
Taco Bell employee licking tacos 

By: Eva Fett
Taco Bell has announced that it has fired an employee, who was caught licking taco shells and posted the images of the incident to the internet, the company said in a press release.

The store in employee was working in a California branch of Taco Bell, the company said.

The photo was taken several months ago at a Taco Bell in Ridgecrest, 100 miles north of Los Angeles.
Taco Bell Products Inc. said that the tacos in question were produced for workers to practice their new Taco Cool Ranch shells, and were thrown out without being sold to any customers.

The Irvine-based company, said that the photograph was taken in a contest that showed employees who enjoy tasting their product. The photo wasn’t officially submitted, but a worker posted the photo on a Facebook page, which violated company policy.
Taco Bell said the employee violated food handling procedures.

The company said that the employee has been suspended and will be fired, while the photographer no longer works at the restaurant.