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Man kicked out of restaurant after being served several bad drinks with flies

By Mason White 10:43 AM June 7, 2013
The flies in the drink 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A man was shocked after he was kicked out from a celebrity restaurant after being served several bad drinks, with all having flies in them.

The troubled Amy’s Baking Company, which is still trying to recover from their disastrous presentation on “Kitchen Nightmares,” is now facing even more criticism.

Reporter Hayley Ringle, along with a co-worker and some friends went to the Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant on Friday to get an idea of ​​the grand re-opening of the restaurant, which was, meant to help clean up its image.

“We went with an open mind,” Ringle said, “but our quartet was ejected after pointing out the flies in not one, not two, but three versions of vodka martini.”

According to Ringle, the first drink was not on the rocks, as ordered, and had a small fruit fly in it. The second drink was prepared properly, but also had a fruit fly. The third cup came with not one, but three fruit flies, according to the reporter.
Co-owner Samy Bouzaglo tried to solve the situation. The first two times Samy seemingly address the issue, but not the last time. Bouzaglo, known for his angry outbursts on “Kitchen Nightmares”, kicked all of them out from restaurant.

Ringle, who said the place was surprisingly empty, went to the Pita Jungle next door, which was “very busy and very friendly.”
This is the latest in a series of public problems Amy’s Baking Company is trying to solve. As we reported earlier, Bouzaglo could be deported after he forgot to disclose information to the authorities involving a history of drug charges and extortion in other countries.