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Man arrested, charged with obstruction after taking car out on a test drive

By Mason White 8:30 PM June 8, 2013
Jon-Christopher Sowells 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man was arrested and charged with obstruction related charges after he took a car out on a test drive and was stopped by police, according to police reports in Georgia.

The man, who has been arrested, was test-driving a BMW.

Jon-Christopher Sowells had driven a BMW from the Philips Motors car dealer on Highway 78 in Snellville, Atlanta for a test drive when an officer stopped him.

“He said you have no tags on the car,” Sowells said. “I said, ‘No problem, I have no tag on this car because it is not my car and the dealer is right there. We can get it all cleared up,'” he said.
Sowells said he asked the officer to talk to the dealer, but the police officer refused and asked to see the documents.

“I was asked to leave the car. I said, ‘I do not feel comfortable.’ They began to open the car door and tried to get me out of the car by pulling my left arm,” he said.
The officer called for backup and Sowells was arrested for obstruction.

A police department statement said: “The officer saw a document in the back seat that appeared to be of the type dealers use to place a vehicle up for sale. He asked if he could see it and Sowells refused to comply. Based on his refusal to provide the information and his passive and active resistance, Sowells was charged with obstruction.”

Sowells also said: “The dealer came by to collect the car and then I’m thinking that I can go home, all is right now, but no, it was not right, I’m going to jail.”
Sowells, who has never been arrested before, is now planning to fight the charge.