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Cafe now letting customers pay with kisses instead of cash

By Mason White 11:42 AM June 9, 2013
Man pays coffee shop with kiss 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A cafe decided to let customers pay with kisses instead of hard cold cash, according to a statement released by The Metro St. James cafe, in Australia.

The Australian coffee shop said it is allowing customers to pay for their coffee with smooches, every day from 9 to 11:00 am, but has to be a “real kiss.”

The Metro St. James cafe coffee shop in Sydney said customers coming in the two-hour window each morning, this month can save their money if they show their love with a kiss.

“We’ll watch you. You have to give a true kiss, a real kiss. We can see if it’s a fake kiss. We are kind of specialists in this,” a worker of the coffee shop said in a promotional video. “The Metro St. James shop does not want your money. Only kisses!” The advertisement reads.

This is not the only weird payment arrangement recently announced. As we reported earlier, a cafe decided to charge for time spent rather than for items bought at its store location, according to a statement released by the store.

The German coffee-house said that it will be charging customers for the amount of time spent in the center instead of charging them for items that they order.

Daria Volkova, 24, who is the founder of the Slow Times cafe in Wiesbaden, said she was inspired by similar cafes in her native Russia. She moved to Germany in 2008.

Volkova said she expects that the unique business model will help her make enough money to support herself and her 6 year-old-son.

“I hope to capture the spirit of the time,” Volkova said.
Volkova said customers are given marked time bracelets when they enter the cafe and are charged $0.04 per minute, amounting to $5.18 per hour.

Volkova said that the watches around the cafe are deliberately set to different times in order to help people take their mind off the time and instead focus on those around them.
“It’s easier and cheaper to meet people here than in a bar, where you have to buy expensive drinks,” Volkova said.

“What a lovely idea. When such a cafe will open in my neighborhood I will definitely be a steady customer. It is a really cheap way to enjoy the day out with friends. Hopefully, my weight will not spiral out of control,” Mattie Burke, 36, of Huntsville, Alabama told after learning about the cafe that charges for time rather than coffee.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view