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Man throws pie on female judge’s face during murder trial hearing

By Mason White 4:20 AM June 10, 2013
Judge gets pie in her face 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A man was arrested and charged with assault related charges after he threw a pie on a female judge’s face during a murder trial hearing, according to court proceedings in Poland.

Now, the opposition activist of the communist party in Poland faces up to a year in jail for throwing the pie in the face of the judge during the hearing, court officials said.

Former Polish Interior Minister Czeslaw Kiszczak is being tried for the fifth time in the government killing of nine miners on strike, more than 30 years ago.

The trial judge, Anna Wielgolewska, heard arguments, which were closed to the public, about Kiszczak’s mental health when an activist, whose name was not released because of Polish privacy laws, addressed the court and launched a large cream cake on her face.

Warsaw, police said the man was accused of insulting a public official.