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Catholic school praying after young woman records herself making out with cross on school property

By Mason White 5:04 AM June 10, 2013
Valerie Dodds 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A female teen was arrested and charged with indecent exposure related charges after she recorded herself making out with a cross on the property of a Catholic school, according to police reports in Nebraska.

The young Nebraska woman has been charged for the alleged trespassing on the grounds of her former Catholic school, where she recorded herself making out with a crucifix.

19-year-old Valerie Dodds, also known as Val Midwest, is a former graduate of St. Pius X High School in Lincoln, Nebraska. After graduating, she started an adult photography business. It was then that some of her former Catholic school classmates began saying bad things about her business.

“Everyone in my high school had something nasty to say to me when I started my website, so this is my tribute to all of you,” Dodds wrote on her website. Her tribute was to sneak into the school property and show her former classmates an immodest performance.

“I held nothing back,” Dodds boasted. “I used my fingers, my toys and even my crucifix. I used everything at school,” she said.
Lincoln police apparently did not find her very funny, she was later charged with public nudity and trespassing. The charges did not stop her from continuing with her antics as she went back to St. Pius, this time barely covered in panties and pasties.

A priest at the school said that they are trying to help the teen through prayer and offering forgiveness.
“We are praying for the girl and her family, we are ready to offer forgiveness and support if they should seek it,” the priest said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view