Wife of Jewish cult leading rabbi Shlomo Helbrans flees after being beaten by husband’s followers

Little girls of the Lev Tahor cult 
By: Shifra Unger

The wife of ultra-Orthodox Jewish cult leader Shlomo Helbrans fled after being severely beaten by her husband's followers, Malka Helbrans revealed in an interview.

Shlomo Helbrans is the cult leader of Lev Tahor, a small group of radical ultra-Orthodox Jews in Montreal, Canada. Helbrans was accused of child abuse and kidnapping in Israel and in the United States before fleeing to Canada.

The wife of the cult leader, Malka Helbrans, arrived back in Israel this week after she was beaten to near death by her husband’s followers.

Malka recently told her family members about what had happened to her one Saturday about six months ago. "I heard men violently knocking on the door of the women’s synagogue," she recalled. "I saw eight to ten men with plastic white chairs charge at me and they all started beating me with the chairs. I thought I was dying. I screamed. I did not understand what was happening. I did not understand why. They chased me home. They threw snow at me. The knocked down my door and beat me and beat me, and beat me." Malka said.

"They accused me of closing the door to the women’s section," Malka explained.
The trouble for the rabbi's wife began after she voiced opposition to the rampant child abuse going on in the community. “The main reason for my sufferings is the fact that I dared to voice opposition to the punishments that are being used in the village,” Malka said.

Punishments include beatings of children, forced marriages between members of the community, marriage of minors as young as 14, achieving compliance through pain, denial of food, violent separation between parents and children from the age of six months, complete isolation from family in Israel, and more.