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Airplane filled with Israelis evacuated after fire breaks out aboard

By Mason White 2:04 PM June 11, 2013
Bucharest Airport in Romania 

By: David Ross
At least one person was hospitalized after an airplane packed with Israeli tourists caught fire, according to a statement released by Ben Gurion Airport officials.

The plane with Israeli tourists was evacuated on Tuesday in a Bucharest airport moments before takeoff, as the fire broke out. The cabin was filled with smoke, causing a man to be rushed to a hospital after inhaling smoke. After the fire was extinguished, passengers initially refused to return to their seats, but the airport staff finally convinced them to do so and the plane took off.

Ben Gurion Airport officials said in a statement that a charter flight from the Romanian Ten Airways company landed just several hours late because if the incident. One of the passengers said: “when we were boarding the plane I saw flames on the side of the plane, and felt a strong odor emanating from it. I told staff members that I’m not going on the plane and I took my daughters off the plane. An inspector came and took all passengers off from the plane. I was afraid it might explode “

“Everybody ran in panic,” another passenger said. One of the passengers lost consciousness and was evacuated to a local hospital. There were about 200 Israelis who were waiting to leave for Israel.
The passengers were then told that the problem was solved. Another passenger said a number of people suffering from smoke inhalation were treated at the scene by medical personnel.

Later, when airport officials told the Israelis that the problem with the airplane was fixed, passengers initially refused to board the plane. However, when airport staff said it could provide an alternative arrangement for those not wanting to fly on this plane, most of the passengers boarded the plane.