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Mobile synagogue set up on Israel’s Highway 6

By Mason White 12:31 PM June 12, 2013
Israel’s Highway 6 

By: John Roberts
A new mobile synagogue was set up on Israel’s main north-south roadway, toll road Highway 6.

The mobile synagogue was set up to benefit Jewish travelers who use the busy highway. Thousands of U.S. and Israeli Jews use the highway every day.

Religious travelers often had difficulties during longer trips in finding a secure place to pray.

That is why Migdal Ha’emek Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman decided to help Jewish travelers on the road. Grossman asked Derech Eretz, the operator for the toll highway 6, to install a mobile structure that can function as a synagogue between Baqa and Iron interchanges.

“The synagogue will safeguard and protect the road and its travelers,” Grossman said this week after the synagogue began hosting daily prayers.
Derech Eretz CEO Ehud Savion said he was satisfied with his contribution to drivers and passengers from Israel and around the world.

“Rabbi Grossman and I made sure that we would establish the same type of synagogue on the south side of the road, and we will try to do it as soon as possible,” he added. Derech Eretz also pledged to put up signs to direct travelers to the synagogue. The synagogue is similar to the highway synagogue set up on Interstate 87 in New York.