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Woman finds pig with two heads buried in yard

By Mason White 3:42 AM June 13, 2013
The pig that was found 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman found a strange pig that sported two heads buried in a backyard.

The woman from Pennsylvania, said she discovered the pig with two heads preserved in a glass jar buried in the backyard of her mother.

Sharon Reagle said she was planting green leafed plants in Saegertown at the home of her mother, Betty Wood, on Sunday when she found a bottle containing preservation liquid inside a tied bag.

Reagle said she took the object inside and opened the bag, revealing the two-headed pig inside.
“It was unique, really pretty clean,” Reagle said. “It did not bother me at all,” she added.
“My parents lived there for 56 years and they never raised pigs, so I don’t know how it got her,” Reagle said about the jar.

Reagle gave the strange specimen to Allegheny College.
“This is like a Christmas gift for biologists. Students will love it,” Lisa Whitenack, the assistant professor of biology at school, said.