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Woman admits to drinking two liters of human blood a month ‘to make her healthier’

By Mason White 4:55 AM June 13, 2013
Julia Caples with a volunteer 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A woman said she drinks several litres of human blood per month in order to sustain her healthy body.
The mother of two has been likened to a vampire after she admitted to drinking two liters of blood every month.

Julia Caples of Pennsylvania, is not the usual blood sucker after having raised two children aged 9 and 24-years-old, and is also currently working as a care worker.

Her beautiful appearance can be deceiving and at 45-years-old, she likes to engage in a bit of blood guzzling every four weeks, which she thinks keeps her in good shape.
“When I feed off a person and drink their blood I feel stronger and healthier”, Caples said.

“I know scientifically that there is a lot of nutrition in the blood, but maybe there’s some value that we have not discovered yet. I feel more beautiful than at any other time. I’m drinking regularly. I’m also very healthy, as I have no health problems, and I have a lot of energy all the time,” she also said.

Caples does not stalk her victims, instead, she meets up with volunteer donors in her local area, takes them to her home, where she cuts them open.

The vampire did not start to drink blood regularly until she met her former husband, but said she had always been interested in trying it.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view