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White Castle lovers rejoice after company launches mobile restaurants

By Mason White 7:32 AM June 13, 2013
White Castle food truck 

By: Eva Fett
White Castle fans are extremely happy after the company announces that it is launching mobile restaurants, according to a press release of the company.

White Castle is prepared to serve their square-shaped burgers on wheels with the planned launch later this month of two food trucks in Louisville, Kentucky, and Columbus, Ohio, close to the company’s headquarters.

The trucks, which will be named “CraveMobiles”, will only available for events at first including weddings until company officials will determine exactly where the trucks will be located, Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle said. Once regular locations are mapped out, the trucks will probably remain open 24 hours, like almost all brick and mortar stores of White Castle. Richardson said that the food truck menu, although not yet finalized, will have three variations of its signature burgers.

The ability to enter new products is part of what prompted White Castle to jump on the food truck trend that has spread across major cities in the United States in recent years. Richardson described the truck as a “strategic tool to test new products and search multiple sites for new restaurants. “We will be able to see how a neighborhood is like before investing in a new location,” the company said.

White Castle, a private company, currently has a little over 400 restaurants in 12 states, primarily in the Midwest, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and Tennessee. All locations are owned by the company. Chain revenue in 2012 was $630 million, of which about 15 percent came from its line of frozen burgers sold in grocery stores.