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Hungry dog eats its owners toes and foot

By Mason White 3:18 AM June 14, 2013
The pit bull Bo 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A man was horrified after he woke to find that his dog ate his toes and parts of his foot, according to hospital officials in Indiana.

Roger Brown, 46, of Brazil, Indiana, has been hospitalized in Indianapolis after his 6-month-old pit bull ate his toes while he slept.

Brown, woke up just before dawn Wednesday to a bloodied left foot and his two toes missing. He also was shocked to discover that his pit bull puppy had been biting his foot.

According to Brown, his dog Bo was able to chew off his left little toe and his big toe on the same foot. The dog also managed to eat a major part of his foot without waking the man.

Brown, who is disabled and diabetic, admitted it was his fault. He explained that he usually tightly wraps his wounds and blisters on his feet before going to sleep, but failed to do so on this particular night.

Brown said that Bo was probably attracted to the exposed wounds he had as a result of his diabetes.
The puppy was isolated after the incident by order of the city police and was under observation for signs of rabies.
Brown also said he has confidence in his decision not to kill Bo, but to continue the breeding and care of his pet.