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Sweden to ban men from urinating while standing

By Mason White 5:23 AM June 14, 2013
Man sitting on toilet while urinating 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A radical left party in the Swedish parliament is proposing a new law that would ban men from urinating while standing in certain restrooms.

The Left Party, a political party made up of socialists and feminists, in the County Sormland, Sweden, is pushing for making standing urination for men, illegal, for those who use public restrooms of the Provincial Government.

Party officials are pushing for the installation of sitting only toilets in men’s restrooms.

Local supporters of the proposal said they feel that sitting only urination is more hygienic and promotes male health. This will help eliminate the problem of puddles on the floor and spray stains in toilets. They also argue that urinating while sitting will help promote men’s health because it allows men to empty the bladder more effectively. Sitting urination according to advocates reduce prostate problems in men.

As a compromise, the party has proposed that some toilets could, in the meantime, be designated exclusively for men who must remain standing while urinating.

Viggo Hansen, the Left Party official, who made the proposal, said he ultimately wants toilets at the council offices to be genderless and therefore want to see only the sitting toilets in council offices.

He said the measure should not be seen as interference in the bathroom habits of people. He said: “That’s not what we want. What we do want is to give men the opportunity to enter into a clean bathroom.”