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School bans cute girly socks because of health hazard

By Mason White 8:53 AM June 14, 2013
Student showing off the banned socks 

By: Sarah Weiss
A school banned girls from wearing girly socks because students might get hurt, according to a school letter sent to parents in the United Kingdom.

There are plenty of dangerous stuff at school including slippery floors, broken playground equipment and of course, bumps in the floor.

Now, you can add a new strange thing to the danger list, cute girly socks.

The latest fashion socks called “princess”, which is a sock decorated with ruffles, bows or ribbons, is now a safety hazard, according to one school principal in the United Kingdom.

After a student tripped over last week, the school informed parents that it is prohibiting the luxury socks.
One mother, Tracy Rudge, who makes the handmade socks for her six-year-old daughter Lily-Jo, has vowed to circumvent the ban.

“They’ve gone health and safety mad,” she said. “A girl stumbled, but it had nothing to do with the socks.
It’s a joke, laces are a million times more dangerous,” Rudge, who has made hundreds of pairs of socks for Lily-Jo and her classmates, said. She sold each pair of socks for about $4.00

“The girls love to wear them, they feel like Disney princesses. I do not see the safety hazard,” she said.
Students caught wearing these socks at Kingsholm Primary School in Gloucester, will be forced to change into a plain pair, principal Jan Buckland said.

“The safety of students is paramount,” she said. “As a result of a health and safety incident we changed the uniform policy of the school,” she added.