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New robot will put the boss in every room at once

By Mason White 9:33 AM June 14, 2013
iRobot Ava 500 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) Were you happy to find out that your boss is transferring to another location? You are out of luck, thanks to a new robot called Ava.

The same company that introduced the Roomba automated vacuum cleaner is ready to take the same approach to mainstream bosses and employees operating in remote locations with the introduction of a new telepresence robot called the “Ava 500.”

Working in partnership with Cisco, a leader in the telepresence space, “iRobot” has taken the wraps off the new device that is designed to enable organizations to communicate seamlessly with remote workers as if they were in the same room.

The Ava 500 allows remote workers to use an iPad app to select a meeting room and guide the robot to the area in the office. Before being deployed for use, the Ava 500 must first cycle through a scan mode that allows you to trace the whole office. Once complete, the robot can travel to any single office to order, while avoiding random people who travel through the hallways. Equipped with a 22-inch screen, the robot provides images and high-definition audio and features a height adjuster with remote control to allow standing or sitting conversations with people.

The iRobot CEO Colin Angle said that the Ava 500 system will be available for lease for $2,500 per month, when the robot is made available in early 2014. The company also hopes to expand the use of the system beyond businesses to areas such as education. Mobile video not loading? Click here to view