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Bear gets its head stuck in plastic bottle for 11 days

By Mason White 5:27 AM June 16, 2013
Bottle stick on bear’s head illustration 

By: Debbie Gross
A bear, that had its head stuck in a plastic bottle for eleven days, finally got its head freed by concerned residents in Pennsylvania.

Four residents of central Pennsylvania said they used only a rope and a flashlight during a wild chase to rescue a young bear, whose head had been stuck in a plastic bottle for at least 11 days.

The frightened but powerful bear fell into a pool at least twice during the rescue attempt. However, the group finally removed the bottle and set the animal free.

“I thought, ‘Nobody is going to believe this,’” Morgan Laskowski, 22, a bartender at the Jamison City Hotel said.
Area residents first saw the 100 pound bear with his head in a red bottle in the beginning of the month. The animal was attracted to the bottle as it once contained cooking oil.

“It put its head inside, and had a problem,” Mike Jurbala, 68, who helped the bear, said. “He would have died within a couple of days,” he added.

Jurbala saw the bear Thursday night, as he left the bar at Jamison City Hotel. He called Jeff Hubler, a local employee of the State Gaming Commission who had been one of those trying to help the bear.

The two were joined by Laskowski and her mother, bar owner Jody Boyle, to follow the bear through the darkness.
“You knew where it was because you could hear it banging on things,” Jurbala said.

They cornered the bear in the backyard of a residence, where it ended up falling into a pool a couple of times. Finally, the animal was in a position that they could remove the bottle.

“You would think that the bear would be weak, because it did not eat or drink for a week, but it was strong,” Boyle said.
Hubler said people should keep the lids on bottles of food they throw away.