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Sweden refuses to accept wine bottle shipment because they taste better than the samples

By Mason White 7:18 AM June 16, 2013
Woman enjoying fine wine illustration 

By: Eva Fett
In quite an odd turn of events, Sweden refused to accept delivery of wine bottles because the wine tasted better than the samples the company originally provided.

It all happened to a Swedish supplier of alcohol, who said that the state liquor monopoly sent back 6,000 bottles of Spanish wine. The reason provided was that the wine tasted better than the samples provided before the purchase.

Kare Hallden, who is the Spruce Up alcohol CEO, said that the state liquor store monopoly Systembolaget, chose their wine over other companies during a wine tasting competition.

However, the store sent back 6,000 bottles to the company last month, because the wine delivered was “clearly better” than the samples.

“I think the flavor-wise, it’s exactly the same wine,” Hallden said. “Systembolaget however, believes that the wine, which has been delivered to the stores, is much better than the one that won the bid earlier in the year,” he added.
Lennart Agen, who is a Systembolaget spokesperson, said that Hallden’s statements are not entirely true.

“We never said that it tasted better. What we did say is that it tasted different. Simply a different wine,” Agen said. “Whether the wine tasted better or not is up to personal judgment,” he added.

Spruce Up said it was forced to pay the costs of returning the bottles, thereby losing tens of thousands of dollars in the process.