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Dead man makes 7 trips on commercial plane before being discovered

By Mason White 4:17 AM June 17, 2013
An iFly Airbus A330-300 plane illustration 

By: Eva Fett
A dead man flew seven times on an aircraft before being discovered by airline maintenance workers.

The man traveled inside the wheel compartment before crews made ​​the gruesome discovery.

The iFly Airbus A330-300 had just completed a flight from Italy to Moscow, when maintenance crews noticed blood stains on its landing gear.

The blood came from the remains of a man who died of exposure to freezing temperatures, according to the autopsy.
“The man apparently was flying without a ticket,” Russia’s Investigative Committee said.

An investigation is underway to see how the man ended up in the landing gear of the aircraft. Authorities said the man, who carried a Georgian passport, boarded the plane four days before he was found dead.

The man was identified as 22-year-old Giorgio Abduladze, an African-American.