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Chief Rabbinate orders specific shapes for certain pastries

By Mason White 3:36 PM June 17, 2013
Israeli pastries 

By: Sarah Weiss
The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has ordered Israel’s bakeries how to shape the “bourekas” pastries in order for consumers to be able to easily identify if they are meat, dairy or parve.

From now on, each pastry will have to be shaped in a specific form depending on the type of filling inside the dough as a basic condition for the receipt of a certificate of kashrut.

Some rabbis were concerned that kashrut observers, who wait several hours between eating meat and dairy products, will be unable to differentiate between dairy, meat and parve pastries.

With the new proposed guidelines, a pastry filled with parve ingredients will be shaped as a closed triangle or spiral, while a dairy filled pastry will be round or in the form of a “big finger.” Meat filled pastries will be shaped as rectangles.

According to the old limited rules, dairy pastries was shaped as triangles and parve pastries was shaped as squares.
Rabbi Bar Giora said that this was not just a religious matter, but poses a health risk to those allergic to dairy products, who can accidentally consume dairy pastries.