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Woman nearly gets out of jail after faking cancer

By Mason White 3:35 AM June 18, 2013
Prison illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A woman nearly succeeded in getting out of her jail sentence by showing prison officials a fake doctor’s note saying that she has cancer, according to court proceedings in Sweden.

Now, the woman, who tried to leave prison by falsifying her terminal cancer, will serve an additional period of two months in jail, officials said.

The Court of Appeals in southern Sweden, said the 46-year-old woman, who had been sentenced to prison for aggravated fraud, produced a medical certificate saying she was dying of cancer in an attempt to leave the prison.

The certificate has been accepted by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, but the scheme was discovered by the Social Security Agency.
The doctors at the agency said that the certificate was not very convincing.

“Doctors do not write that someone has ‘three to six months left to live’ and they do not use the words ‘cancer patient’,” a doctor said.

The woman told the court that she made ​​the fake certificate because she was worried about prison life.
“I’ve never been in jail before and did not know what was in store for me there,” she said.
The court added two months to the prison sentence of the woman for the additional forgery charge.