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U.K. couple receives jail sentence for having sex in front of 40 people

By Mason White 6:58 AM June 20, 2013
Barnsley Interchange train station 

By: Sarah Weiss
A couple, who had sex in front of a group of people, was arrested, charged and convicted of having sex in public, according to court proceedings in the United Kingdom.

The couple of the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, received a ten week prison sentence for having sex in public. The two engaged in oral sex, the male on the female, while about 40 teens watched nearby.

The actions of the 22-year-old Sam Rowan and his 37-year-old girlfriend, Jacqueline Holden, occurred at 9:20 pm after the two had been drinking, for much of the day. Their public show took place last month at the Barnsley Interchange, which is a busy train station.

A crowd of young people gathered to watch the couple and many of them were recording the action with their mobile devices. “Rowan looked around and wanted the growing crowd to know what exactly he was doing, and he played to the audience,” Chantel Lowery Green, a prosecutor in the case, told the court. “Holden lied down on the floor and Rowan had oral sex with her,” the prosecutor told the court.

At first, Holden denied she had sex in public and said he would never have the courage to commit a sexual act in public. The lawyer for the two, Philip Howard, said both his clients were “horrified” and noted that Rowan has Asperger syndrome, a condition that causes problems with social skills.

District Judge John Foster was in no mood for leniency. “Both were engaged in overt sexual contact inside and outside the train station in front of a crowd that was cheering them on,” he said. “The train station is probably the busiest place in the city, and the description of their behavior has been absolutely disgusting,” the judge added.