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Microsoft to pay $150,000 to hackers who can break Windows 8, Internet Explorer 11

By Mason White 10:21 AM June 20, 2013

By: Moses Gold
Hackers will now be able to enjoy a nice salary, legally, according to a statement released by Microsoft.

Later this month, Microsoft will begin doing something it never wanted to do before.
Microsoft will pay a cash reward to hackers, who can find security holes in Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 11.

Here is a breakdown of the Microsoft program.

Microsoft will pay up to $100,000 for anyone who finds a new exploitation technique that can be used to break the security of Windows 8.1, Katie Moussouris, a senior security strategist at Microsoft, said.

To qualify for the $100,000, a contestant must write code that can be used to take control of a Windows PC via the Internet, which is the most serious type of defect.

Contestants can earn up to $50,000 more if they can develop a way to defend against the code they have written.
Microsoft will also pay up to $11,000 for defects affecting its Internet Explorer 11. Think you are up for the job? Apply now.