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Schoolchildren in China being taught about the battles of Israel

By Mason White 5:21 PM June 20, 2013
Chinese school kids illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Chinese schoolchildren are now being taught the history of the formation of modern Israel.

Students in Israel and around the world are preparing for the summer break, but students in China are studying the battles of Israel, and the changes that occurred in the region after Israeli independence.

The eighth grade school students in Beijing are now preparing for a test on world history, and the history of the State of Israel takes up an entire chapter.

In history books used by Chinese students, there is a chapter dedicated especially to changes that occurred after Israel’s wars. Students study the history of the State of Israel of before and after the War of Independence.

Maps in Chinese show changes in the control of the land, from which region enemy forces approached and what agreements were signed at the conclusion of each war.