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Mother, 52, caught posing as daughter, 19, during school test

By Mason White 3:49 AM June 21, 2013
Students taking an exam illustration 

By: John Roberts
A mother was caught trying to take her daughter’s exam in school, according to school officials in France.
The mother was arrested when she was caught trying to take the English test instead of her teenage daughter.

The 52-year-old French woman wearing thick makeup, low-cut jeans and Converse boots, tried to pass herself off as her 19-year-old daughter Laetitia.

A school guard discovered the scam only after two hours of the three-hour long exam, and called the police.
The woman, who has been named only as Caroline D, confessed and said she wanted to make sure her daughter got the best test results.

“A confrontation broke out during the test after the woman caused the other candidates to become upset. That is when we decided to cancel the entire exam,” a spokesperson for the school of the Bossuet Notre-Dame school in Paris said.
The woman’s daughter had been scheduled to take the English exam in order to get into college.