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Teacher uses Nazi swastika symbol in geometry lesson

By Mason White 2:24 PM June 21, 2013
Nazi swastika 

By: David Ross
Can a Nazi swastika be used to teach geometry? One teacher in France definitely thought so.

Of all the inappropriate symbols the teacher could have used to teach geometry, this particular teacher chose the swastika. Now, the teacher is facing disciplinary action.

The teacher has been summoned before the French school board after using the swastika to teach geometry to elementary school students.

The teacher works at an elementary school in Saint-Clement de Riviere, near Montpellier, in southern France.
The incident followed a World War Two presentation, when the teacher suggested that the class take the swastika symbol of the German Nazi party and apply it to their next lesson in geometry.

According to the Inspector of Schools, the teacher herself seemed to have realized the potential consequences of her improper choice of symbol and made sure she collected the drawings of each and every one of her students at the end of the lesson.

The incident was reported to authorities on Thursday by upset parents after being told by their children about what had happened.
The director responded by calling parents to a meeting to discuss the incident, and also took the step of explaining to children why it was not appropriate to use the swastika.