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Woman runs over her lover after he refused to spend time with her

By Mason White 3:26 AM June 23, 2013
Iyana Mentor 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with assault related charges after she ran over her lover with her SUV because he refused to spend time with her, according to police reports in Georgia.

Demarco Dent is recovering from injuries to his legs, arms and back, while 31-year-old Iyana Mentor is in the Clayton County jail. The woman was charged with aggravated assault and hit-and-run.

“I just saw the lights of the vehicle coming at me. She drove towards me at full speed,” Dent said while hobbling on crutches in front of his house.

Dent said he will never forget the sound of Mentor revving the engine while maneuvering the truck repeatedly trying to hit him. After two attempts, he said he could not avoid her.

Dent believes Mentor intended to kill him.
Dent said his near-death experience began when he asked Mentor to give him a ride to Riverdale Road. He said they are romantically involved, but not boyfriend-girlfriend. The knew each other for three months.

He said as they headed down highway 85 near Riverdale, she got angry and upset and said: “You just got off work and you will not spend time with me?” According to Dent.

Mentor said Dent became furious, swearing, calling him names and driving recklessly. He then asked to be let out of the car. As he walked along Highway 85, said he tried to hit him with the 2006 Acura SUV. She missed at first. He said she made a U-turn and tried to hit him again, but he dodged.

As he went to the Citgo gas station for shelter, that’s when she accelerated the engine and hit him.
The woman faced a Clayton County judge, who denied her bail.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view