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Man busted for stealing bridge after police followed drag marks

By Mason White 9:33 AM June 23, 2013
Steal bridge illustration 

By: John Roberts
A man was arrested and charged for stealing a bridge after police traced down the robber by following the drag marks, which were left behind when the thief hauled the stolen bridge away, according to police reports on Russia.

Police said that they arrested the Russian man for stealing the bridge this week after the skid marks led police to his home.

The man, 23-years-old, of the northern region of Vologda, apparently hooked the small steel bridge to his tractor and pulled it away to sell it as scrap.

Police said that all they did was follow the trail of the bridge left on the ground all the way to the suspect’s home in the village of Frolovo. The man, who allegedly used a cutting torch to break the structure into smaller parts, did not manage to sell anything yet.

The alleged bridge thief was added to the list of the most daring Russian metal robberies, which also lists the theft of several special locomotives and a bicycle ridden by a circus bear.