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Man undergoes 13-hour surgery to remove 140 pound testicle, still unhappy

By Mason White 4:00 AM June 24, 2013
Wesley Warren Jr. with his doctor after surgery 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A man, who had a 140 pound testicle removed is still complaining despite the relief, according to hospital officials in California.

The man is unhappy because the operation left him with a small private part.

Wesley Warren Jr. had a 13-hour procedure to remove his swollen sac after it became so large that he had to wear a shirt with a hood and pants to support the load.

The 49-year-old could not have sex and suffered crippling pain of carrying around the testicles, which weighed more than a baby hippo.

Now, the U.S. man fears he will never be able to have a relationship with a woman after the surgery revealed that he was left with a one inch manhood.

Wesley said: “I know most people probably expected me to express extreme happiness and joy that my life has been transformed since the sac has been removed, but it’s not as simple as that. I feel a great sense of comfort that the weight is no longer between my legs. It reached a point where it was a danger to my health, but when I look down at what’s there now, it is not the same as it was. It’s totally different. My natural appearance before the growth was much better. What came out after the surgery is just an inch long. I am grateful to have been removed from the fire, I was burned, and now I’m dealing with first-degree burns. I’m still disfigured.”

A doctor performed the complex surgery for free on humanitarian grounds.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view