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Police officers charged after chasing each other in unmarked police cars

By Mason White 9:57 AM June 25, 2013
Unmarked police car illustration 

By: Moses Gold
Two police officers were dragged to court after they were caught chasing each other in unmarked police vehicles, according to court proceedings in Denmark.

The police officers were charged after they mistakenly thought the other was a common criminal, which ultimately caused three cars to be smashed.

Copenhagen police said the incident began when one officer in an unmarked car began chasing another officer in an unmarked car, because he believed that the officer was speeding.

“He began chasing him thinking he is a criminal and the man in the car in front was thinking that the man chasing him was harassing him. Both were in plain clothes, and driving unmarked police cars. Neither officer realized that the other is a police officer,” Torben Koch, a lawyer for one of the officers said.

The chase ended when the chasing officer rammed his vehicle into the other car, causing the car to hit a third vehicle.
No injuries were reported.

The officers were charged with seriously endangering traffic. Prosecutors said that the officer went over the speed limit, ignored the lights and went in bike lanes without police lights or sirens.
Koch said prosecutors initially decided not to press charges, but later reversed the decision.

“It is deeply reprehensible, because the superiors confirmed that my client had been on duty in an unmarked car,” Koch said. “I think the original decision was the right decision,” he added.