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Giant Ferris wheel to be built in Tel Aviv

By Mason White 5:25 PM June 25, 2013
Ferris wheel illustration 

By: David Ross
A company that is internationally known for building the most popular Ferris wheels, will build a giant Ferris wheel in Israel, so that Israelis and world tourists in Israel would be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Tel Aviv landscape, according to a statement released by the Otzar Mifalei Yam company.

The giant Ferris wheel, which has become a popular tourist attraction in London and other cities around the world, will arrive at the port of Tel Aviv, next year.

The Freij Entertainment company, which built the largest Ferris wheels in Hong Kong, New York, Paris and other cities, will build the Tel Aviv Ferris wheel as well.

The Ferris wheel will be 263 feet tall, and will have 42 sealed and air-conditioned passenger capsules, with up to six people in each.

In the capsules, passengers will be able to watch videos about the history of the first Hebrew port. People who will want to improve their experience, will be able to use one of the two VIP capsules and enjoy a meal from one of the port restaurants.

“A Ferris wheel is a recreational activity that is popular among all people, of all ages, and we are pleased to bring this ride to the Israeli audience,” Iris Baratz, CEO of Mifalei Otzar Yam company, which operates the Port of Tel Aviv said.