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Woman, 28, dies just hours after rear enhancement surgery

By Mason White 3:41 AM June 26, 2013
Suyima Torres 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A young woman died just hours after undergoing a rear enhancement procedure, according to police reports in Florida.

28-year-old Suyima Torres paid $2,300 in cash for injections to improve her rear to the Cuerpos Health and Aesthetics center located on the 8400 block of West Flagler Street in Miami, Florida.

Just after leaving the center, she was seen disoriented by the owner of a neighboring business, who only identified himself as Naveed.

“I watched her and she fell, so I went outside, picked her up, and I asked her where her car was,” he said. Naveed said he then called police.

The mother of Torres, Coralia Espinosa, said her daughter was rushed to the hospital accompanied by the center owner, Ruth Planas, who never informed doctors about the procedure, according to Espinosa.

“Maybe if the woman had consulted with doctors before the procedure my daughter would still be here,” Espinosa said.
Torres died 10 hours after receiving the injections, leaving behind her two daughters, aged seven and eight.

Police are now investigating Torres’ death.
Torres’ death happened just 16 days after 20-year-old Dailen Garcia said she received rear enhancement injections at the center and then suffered eye problems and bleeding of the lungs, and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. Her lawyer, Jorge Gutierrez, is preparing to take the case to court.

“All the doctors at the medical center linked her issues directly to the damage caused by the cosmetic injections,” Gutierrez said.

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