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Man arrested after putting his dog into dishwasher where it died

By Mason White 5:03 AM June 28, 2013
Marcus Curry 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty charges after killing his dog by putting it into his dishwasher, according to police reports in Tennessee.

Police in Memphis, Tennessee, said that a puppy died when a man put it in the dishwasher and ran the machine.
Police charged 27-year-old Marcus Curry with aggravated animal abuse. He is being held on $40,000 bond.

Police were called on Wednesday by an apartment maintenance man, who found a mixed breed puppy dead in a dumpster.
A police affidavit said that Curry told officers he did not put the dog in the dishwasher, but said he put it in a bag and threw it into a dumpster.

A witness, however, told investigators that Curry said he put the dog in the dishwasher and “left it there for a long wash.” Another witness saw the animal in the dishwasher and said that Curry took it out while the dog did not move.

The man told police that he put the dog in the dishwasher in order to teach it a lesson for going to the bathroom on the floor.
Neighbors also said that they used to give the thirsty dog some water after Curry failed to feed his dog.