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Pennsylvania police shoot man holding black underwear

By Mason White 5:31 AM June 28, 2013
Pennsylvania police cars illustration 

By: Moses Gold
A Pennsylvania police officer shot an unarmed man because he was holding black underwear that looked like a gun, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Now, a Pennsylvania prosecutor said that the officer was justified in shooting the man, who he thought was armed in a dark alley, though it turned out he only had a pair of black underwear in his hand.

Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio did not name the Altoona police officer or the man who was injured in the police shooting.

Consiglio said the officer was on patrol at 4:30 am last month, when confronted by the man, who was naked from the waist down except for the shoes.

The prosecutor said that the man raised his hands while holding a dark object the officer thought was a weapon. Neither the police officer or the man will be charged with a crime, the prosecutor said.

The man’s attorney said he plans to file a civil lawsuit against the police officer after his client spent three days in the hospital after the shooting.

This is not the first time that a naked man has been shot. As we reported earlier, with Florida’s stand your ground law it isn’t too smart to commit crimes in that state.
A naked intruder was shot after allegedly choking a family dog in Miami, and trying to bite its owner.

The homeowner heard the dog barking around 5:00 am Wednesday and went to investigate. Police said that the homeowner saw the naked man attempting to strangle the animal so he rushed to help his dog. That’s when police said the naked man bit the homeowner.

The homeowner told police he feared for his life and shot the intruder while other family members called 911.
The intruder was hit once, but continued to do battle as officers arrived. He was finally arrested and taken to a hospital, where he refused to give his name.
Police said the intruder faces multiple charges, including animal cruelty.