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Customer gives $10,000 to restaurant after eating burger and fries

By Mason White 3:56 AM June 30, 2013
Clifford Luther 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A man gave away $10,000 to a restaurant after eating just a burger and French fries, the owner of the restaurant said in a statement.

Bob Erb was traveling in Canada when he stopped at the Old West Express restaurant in order to get something to eat.

He started talking to the restaurant owner Clifford Luther, and found out that Luther’s daughter had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Erb, who is a past lottery winner, was on his way to bury the ashes of his father. He returned to the place five days later and left the massive amount of money.

Luther said: “He asked for a pen and said: ‘Here, you can have this.’ It was a check for $10,000. He just kind of said: ‘If you need quick cash, this will help.’”

Luther added: “It shows how good people can be. The man was lucky to win the lottery and he was able to pass it around. I think he is a very generous man. It really lifted my spirits. There are some who are very caring out there.”

On the other side of the coin, not all restaurant customers are so generous. As we reported earlier, what would you do with 85 pizza pies? One customer ordered 85 pizza pies among other items from a restaurant worth $1450. What caused controversy was the tip the customer left behind, according to press reports in the United States.

The customer was called out as being cheap on the internet after leaving a paltry $10 after receiving 85 pies worth a staggering $1453.93.

A friend of the delivery person, published a photo of the receipt on a website, which generated more than 1,900 comments about gratuity, which in this case was less than one percent of the total bill.

“An order of this mass requires a ridiculous amount of extra work for many people,” one user said. “The tip should reflect this,” the user added.

Others, however, think that the tip was not that bad.
“Good for the customer. What does the delivery person want? A medal or something?” Another user wrote. “Seriously, he received $10. That is not bad at all. It probably only took 15 minutes to do the work,” another user wrote.

The delivery person had to make two trips to deliver the huge amount of pizza.
Experts said that the delivery person should have received at least a tip of 10 percent, or about $ 145.

Mike Lynn, associate professor of consumer behavior at the Cornell Hotel School, told a television news station that pizza delivery people should get $2 per pie.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view