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Thief caught after leaving ear print at robbery scene

By Mason White 1:41 PM June 3, 2013
Ear print evidence illustration 

By: Debbie Gross
A man was arrested and charged with robbery after his ear print was found at the crime scene.

French police have identified a man who they said is responsible for up to 80 burglaries.

Many of the burglaries were at the student housing in the city of Lyon, France.

Police caught the 26-year-old thief red-handed, then they pinned almost 80 other thefts on him, as a subsequent investigation found his ear prints on the front doors at the scene of 80 similar robberies in Lyon.

Police identified the alleged thief through the ear impressions left on the door while the man was checking if someone was home before robbing the place.

Ear prints, like fingerprints, are unique. The man left the incriminating prints while listening at the doors to see if anyone was inside, officials said, adding it was an “old technique”, which could be very useful.