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Animal shelter workers find man in cage having sex with dog

By Mason White 10:01 AM June 4, 2013
Gerardo Perez 

By: David Ross
One man had bad intentions when he signed up to tour the animal shelter.

A group of people were given a tour of an animal shelter, but one man allegedly slipped away from the group during the visit to have sex with one of the dogs.

Gerardo Perez, 50, of Chicago, Illinois participated in the tour of the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facility when he disappeared.

A shelter employee saw Perez in a restricted area and told him to leave. When the employee returned a short time later, she was horrified, as she allegedly found Perez on all fours inside a cage with a pit bull. He seemed to have finished having sex with dog.

Perez was charged with criminal sexual contact with an animal and burglary. His bail was set at $80,000.