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Woman gives birth to third set of twins

By Mason White 11:28 AM June 4, 2013
Rodger family  

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman was surprised when her doctor told her she was having her third set of twins.

Karen Rodger, 41, of Scotland, gave birth to twin girls, Isla and Rowan, on Wednesday. The girls have four older brothers, who are also twins. Lewis and Kyle are 14-years-old, while Finn and Jude are 12-years-old.

The chances of having three pairs of twins is reportedly as slim as 1 in 500,000. “I did not feel that my family was complete, so I decided to try for just one more child,” Rodger said.

Then, in her sonogram at six-week , she learned she was carrying another set of twins. She immediately sent a text message to her husband, Colin, telling him the good news. “He thought I was joking and he immediately wrote back: “this is not funny.” I had to explain that it was actually true,” she said.

Island and Rowan were born two minutes apart by Caesarean section, last week. Mom, dad and their four children are very excited about the new additions to their family.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view